Moby might think he's a spy, says the Russian dossier is "100% real."

Moby might think he's a spy, says the Russian dossier is "100% real."

Moby—yes, that Moby—released a very strange Facebook update today from his professional Facebook account. What do I mean by strange? Well, for one the post was completely unrelated to his music, and it was highly political, with vague undertones of your conspiracy theorist uncle's rhetoric, even though it truly didn't say anything groundbreaking. Honestly, I think he thinks he's a spy. Let's unpack this update paragraph by paragraph, shall we?

after spending the weekend talking to friends who work in dc i can safely(well, 'accurately'...) post the following things:

Wow. That lede promises some pretty big scoops. I can only assume the corrective, "well, 'accurately'...," is meant to imply that Moby doesn't believe he's safe, and that by posting his intel he's putting himself at risk. It's a risky job being a journalist, but somebody (apparently Moby) has gotta do it. Moving on:

1-the russian dossier on trump is real. 100% real. he's being blackmailed by the russian government, not just for being peed on by russian hookers, but for much more nefarious things.

100%, my dudes. Item two:

2-the trump administration is in collusion with the russian government, and has been since day one.

Well, yes. We've all watched the SNL sketches, right? But wait, there's more:

3-the trump administration needs a war, most likely with iran. at present they are putting u.s warships off the coast of iran in the hope that iran will attack one of the ships and give the u.s a pretense for invasion.


This is actually news to me! I can't find corroboration of this online, though there is a U.S. Navy mission destroyer off the coast of Yemen, according to CBS News. And to round it out:

4-there are right wing plans to get rid of trump. he's a drain on their fundraising and their approval ratings, and the gop and koch
brothers and other u.s right wing groups are planning to get rid of trump.

5-intelligence agencies around the world, and here in the u.s, are horrified by the incompetence of the trump administration, and are
working to present information that will lead to high level firings and, ultimately, impeachment.


I find none of the above shocking. The Trump Administration approval rating reached a new low today, according to a poll from Gallup. And everyone who plans to go on vacation in the next four years is already building out a convincing Canadian back story because of how horribly Trump's international diplomacy has gone. We know he's dumb. But my favorite part is how Moby closes out his Facebook update:

i'm writing these things so that when/if these things happen there will be a public record beforehand.

these are truly baffling and horrifying times, as we have an incompetent president who is essentially owned by a foreign power.



I can't wait for the day when, amidst the horrifying throes of whatever disaster we get ourselves into (massive floods caused by global warming, nuclear warfare, return of smallpox, etc.), Moby gets to remind us that he made a Facebook status saying that Trump is bad. Thank god for this public record.