In 2006, our culture peaked at the intelligence level of a third grader two weeks away from winter break. Important questions were asked, like "who would win in a fight, a ground shark or an aqua-tiger?" (via SeatSmart)

Andrew Powell-Morse of the entertainment data blog SeatSmart did some number-crunching recently to answer the age-old question, "is it just me, or is music getting dumber?" It's not just you, hypothetical person. It is really stupid. This confirms my theory that 2015 is both the smartest and dumbest year in recorded history—on the one hand, we're all using advanced technology to discuss the findings of a data-crunching blog. On the other hand, those findings are that popular music is operating on a third grade reading level. OK, that's rounding up. Way up. Popular music is operating on a just-started-the-second-semester-of-second-grade level.

Sources: SeatSmart