Kardashian haters rejoice! In the wake of Prince's tragic death, various videos of him are popping up to remind you just how awesome he was (and to make you even sadder that he is gone.) No video is getting more attention than this fantastic clip from his concert at Madison Square Garden in 2011, which shows Prince kicking Kim Kardashian off stage.

Warning: this video will make you want Prince to come back from the dead even more than you already want Prince to come back from the dead.

After Kardashian is invited on stage, Prince pulls out some serious dance moves and Kardashian sort of just stands there. (Kim, you are on stage with Prince, damn it! Shake your hips, stomp your feet, do something!) The musician was not having it, and said, "get off the stage!" with all the panache you would expect from Prince.


Kim later wrote on her Twitter that her awkward lack of dance moves came as a result of nerves.

She also said she went back up on stage later in the night to redeem herself.

Prince, you and your powers to make a Kardashian disappear are already missed.