In between tweeting insanely stupid things, Kanye West released an album, The Life of Pablo—and within hours, a mashup of the track I Love Kanye was making its way across Twitter, set to the Seinfeld theme song. The vastly improved track, officially known as I Love Seinye, was created by one of the most popular parody accounts of the Internet age, Seinfeld Current Day

This is not the first time that @Seinfeld2000 has mashed the two up or even used the name "Seinye." Last year, they turned Kanye's bizarre VMAs speech into an end-of-episode stand-up set that sounds surprisingly like something Jerry might actually say. The @Seinfeld2000 account has gotten slightly less weird as it has gotten more popular, but this video they created for an Arcade Fire song should give you an idea of what this Weird Twitter phenomenon's roots were like: