Have you ever wondered what Smash Mouth's hit single "All Star" would sound like if every other word was replaced with the word "bee" from Bee Movie and also the Seinfeld instrumentals are laid over it?

Me neither. But the point of Twitter personality James Neilssen's strange remixes and mashups isn't that the people asked for them, it's that he wanted to make them. We've all heard the song enough times to know that it doesn't make sense not to live for fun, and boy is Neilssen really living out that mantra with these inventions.


His first version of the song is composed entirely of the word "somebody," the first word of the song. (Who am I kidding, you know that.)

And it only gets weirder from there! Next up, he gave us a warped version where the song gets 15% faster every time Steve Harwell says the word "the." It's good for when you want to increase your heart rate.


Here's one where the vocals get higher while the instrumentals get lower. It makes you feel like you're melting!

And why not put every other word in reverse? You'll still be able to sing along because you know it by heart.

And the most recent gem with which Neilssen has blessed us is the bizarre Bee Movie/Seinfeld/"All Star" mashup mentioned above. What can I say, people are really liking it!


Based on his Twitter feed, Neilssen seems to have an interest both in Bee Movie and Shrek (for which "All Star" is the main theme). I'm not sure if it's a sincere love for these movies, or a joke, but I don't think it's even productive to ask. Who knows what fuels the creative mind of these insane videos.

With over 44K followers, Neilssen is proof that following your bliss is the best way to harness your creativity and use your unique outlook on life. And hey, maybe along the way you'll find some fans who think it's really funny when you do weird stuff to Smash Mouth's biggest hit track. You know what they say, only shooting stars break the moo-oh-oold. (I'm sorry, I had to.)

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