Pop star Taylor Swift accused former country radio DJ David Mueller of groping her at a performance at Denver's Pepsi Center in June 2013. He claims those allegations got him fired, and in September 2015, he sued Swift. In October 2015, she sued him right back, for assault and battery. On Friday, a judge granted Swift's request that a photo from that night be sealed, but on Saturday Billboard released the transcript from a video deposition given by Taylor Swift, in which she describes feeling "frantic" and "violated." The transcript reads:

Right as the moment came for us to pose for the photo, he took his hand and put it up my dress and grabbed onto my ass cheek and no matter how much I scooted over it was still there. It was completely intentional, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. . . I remember being frantic, distressed, feeling violated in a way I had never experienced before. A meet-and-greet is supposed to be a situation where you’re thanking people for coming, you’re supposed to be welcoming people into your home, which is the arena for that day, and for someone to violate that hospitality in that way, I was completely stunned.


A little backstory: according to Swift, she, Mueller, and his girlfriend Shannon Melcher were posing for a photo at a meet-and-greet at Denver's Pepsi Center in June 2013 when Mueller put his hand up her skirt and groped her. Later that night Mueller was accused by someone on Swift's staff of touching her inappropriately, and he was fired from his job at radio station KYGO two days later. Swift's team claims that they provided the photo to his employers, who then made their own decision to terminate his employment.


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In September 2015 Mueller filed a lawsuit against Swift, claiming that he lost his job over false allegations. Swift, in turn, countersued Mueller for assault and battery in October 2015.

Both sides claim that the photo in question proves their case. This is the photo that Swift has requested be sealed from being seen by the public, because her lawyers claim, "it is all but assured that the photograph will be shared for scandalous and prurient interests."