We already knew that Taylor Swift is very protective of her music, but apparently she goes to more drastic measures than we thought to make sure her new music doesn't leak before it's released. In fact, we think Taylor Swift might secretly be a spy.

One of Taylor Swift's known BFFs, Ed Sheeran, revealed in an interview with the Brazilian online magazine Capricho that Tay is extremely secretive when it comes to new music.


"She wouldn't ever send me songs, no," Sheeran said. "I'd hear them, but I'd have to be with her."

Ed Sheeran went on to describe how Taylor Swift "sent" him their duet "Everything Has Changed" (which appeared on her album, Red) before its public release. It's straight out of a spy movie. Sheeran said:

I was in San Francisco, and they sent someone with a locked briefcase with an iPad with one song on it. They flew to San Francisco, and they played me the song that I’ve done with her. And they were like, 'Do you like it?' And I was like, 'Yeah.' And then they took it back. That's how you hear them.


That's right. Taylor Swift flew someone to San Fransisco with a locked briefcase containing an iPad with just that song on it.

We can't blame her for being protective of her music. We just hope the producers of the James Bond franchise will take note and use "Taylor Swift airport music drop-off" as a plot point in their next film.

Sources: MTV