A deaf singer named Mandy Harvey wowed judges and moved audiences to tears last night after giving an inspiring performance on America's Got Talent. Harvey, who lost her hearing a decade ago due to a connective tissue disorder, sang a song she wrote entitled "Try" inspired by her journey back into music going deaf as a teen. The 29-year-old explained that she had to re-teach herself how to sing after losing her hearing at age 18 through vibrations and visual tuners.

Check it out, but have tissues handy. You're gonna need 'em.


Just when you think you are done crying, famed curmudgeon Simon Cowell smashes that golden buzzer, making your tears more abundant than the gold confetti falling from the ceiling.

“I mean, I’ve done this a long time," said Simon, whose words were translated through Mandy's interpreter. "That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and heard.”


DAMN IT, those gold buzzer reactions get me every time. I'm not crying, I just have awe-inspiring talent in my eye.