The band of strangers.

Every single day, amateur musicians upload videos of themselves singing, strumming, and banging, while giving tutorials, debuting originals, and ruining classics. There are so many forgettable musicians on YouTube, you could dedicate your life to hearing them all and still wouldn't be able to keep up with the volume. Not that you'd ever want to.

An Israeli musician, who calls himself Kutiman, not only has the patience listen to them, he has the talent to take people's seemingly random musical offerings and create beautiful music. This song is called "Give it Up," and it was created using 23 videos, including a 6-year-old girl's piano practice, a guitar teacher, an cappella vocalist, as well as a bunch of other musicians noodling away in their homes, completely unaware that they'd one day become part of a mashup masterpiece.

Sources: The Daily Dot