Bee-boo, bee-boo, bee-boo-oo-oo, bee-boo, bee-boo, bee-boo-oo-ooo.

Bee boo ba ba, dee dee da da, grr grr, grr grr, grrrrr grrrr—oh, sorry, I'll stop singing along now. YouTuber Arganalth makes a lot of hardware covers of popular music, but perhaps none have been so perfectly suited for the grating and distortion-heavy sound of metal-on-magnet (hard disk drives and old floppy disk drives, to be exact) as the grunge pioneers of Nirvana. Hopefully, this won't result in lots of frustrated teen robots freaking out and destroying everything. It was bad enough when it was just teen humans in a music video (who did actually destroy that set in real life, btw).

Sources: Arganalth on YouTube