I'm so happy, because today I found this video.

Doo dooo do dooo oh hey, I didn't see you there for a moment. I was just groovin' out with Daniel Koren's jazzy one-man a capella cover of "Lithium." Besides the surprisingly fun juxtaposition of the style and source material, it's also very Nirvana-like in its own way; almost like an audio version of the ironically wholesome presentation of the band in their video for "In Bloom":

"I'm Kurt Cobain and I'd like to talk to you about Juicy Stripe gum."

Well, after that relaxing trip to happy land, I hardly feel like I need any actual pills at all and I can just be happy all weekend. Or, I could go back, listen to the original song, and get all of that sweet, sweet angst back:

Sources: Daniel Koren | Digg