This is how most TV chefs seem any time they leave the subject of food.

Man, Weird Al is really nailing the style of Weird Al this week. This parody of Lorde's ubiquitous 2013 hit "Royals" has all the hallmarks of a classic Yankovic spoof: a seemingly-innocuous play on words "oh, hey, it's about keeping food preserved. That's silly," that slowly escalates into utter insanity (or, if you believe the video, utter truth).

Al's new album, Mandatory Fun, has been notable so far for its very spot-on take on modern Internet culture. The first video, "Tacky," had a plethora of references to Internet etiquette, while the second, "Word Crimes" was about bad grammar in general but particularly online. This video is a pretty good description of a particular type of crazy that has become more and more popular in the past decade or so—the kind that believes in shape-shifting reptilian Illuminati overlords and their quest to control media through Project MKUltra and Project Monarch, two of the best-known secret population control and celebrity brainwashing initiatives. And shape-shifting reptilian point-man Patton Oswalt wants you to know that that is ridiculous.

Sources: Weird Al Yankovic