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16 adults dream about the fictional characters they wish were their life coach.

16 adults dream about the fictional characters they wish were their life coach.


Even as adults, it's fun to fantasized about our favorite fictional characters being real.

These people may not be real, but the lessons they teach, and the impact they leave on us can absolutely inspire us in our real lives. They teach us how to navigate difficulty in life, how to be brave and, most importantly, that we are not alone. They can be a deep source of comfort in our darkest times and a powerful personification of the tenacity we are all capable of.

ThoughtBig1353 posted online to find out if other people found real-life strength from fiction. As it turns out, many people have very deep connections to the characters they know and love.

If you could choose one fictional character to be your personal life coach, who would you choose and why?


Gandalf. He’d keep it mysterious but he’d nudge me in the right direction - kitkatcrumz


Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. (TNG era...) -Jykaes


Thanos. He has the will and vision to see his goals through, fully understanding the sacrifices. Also, he is selfless. - leanpatriarch


Captain Raymond Holt from Brooklyn 99. I once said to myself that I wanna be the kind of man that Cpt Holt would be proud of. He definitely could teach me alot about preservence, patient, strength and most importantly: how to poeticly Diss someone [Please see all interactions between Holt and Wuntch] - supersad19


Dr. Cox from Scrubs. Kinda need that 'kick my ass and call me Sally' energy I think. - Jurez1313


Batman. Knows every martial art and is a good business man . You can ultimately be a rich beat stick in life if he's the one teaching you the ropes 😂 - flaky_frost


Rocky Balboa. He's one of the most down-to-earth characters out there. Started as an underdog, he was poor, he has gone through a lot of pain, knew when to take a chance and saw how his life went up until becoming rich and famous only to face defeats, betrayals, friends and family loss, sickness, and the passing of his age. - KingFenrir


Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad. - knowledge_seeker123


Ron Swanson for sure. - mukeniadub


Count of Monte Cristo. Dude had determination and knew how to get things done. - hhfugrr3


Uncle Iroh from Avatar. He's the kind of man I'd like to be eventually. - Vikings_Fury


Wilson W. Wilson, Jr. from Home Improvement. - Omni_scienz


Atticus Finch - hashslingingbutthole


Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. - Tbrogan980


Kenny f*ckin Powers from Eastbound & Down. I don’t need to explain myself. - sushimane91


Winnie the Poo. Such a wise character. - eddesa

Just a fun thing to daydream about. Do you have a better choice?

Sources: Reddit
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