If you're a woman on the internet, you're probably a little too familiar with receiving skeevy messages from dudes "trying to get to know you."

But when the dude sliding into your DMs is a millionaire such as Justin Bieber, the messages are probably at least worth a read, right?

Jessica Gober, 22, recently shared a series of screenshots to Twitter, proving that the Justin Bieber saw a Boomerang of her on Instagram, presumably thought she was hott with two Ts, and then DM'd her.


"Did this actually just happen... lmao," Gober captioned the screenshots on Twitter. "Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF." The first screenshot is in fact a series of messages from Justin Bieber. Gober followed up with a few other screenshots, proving that the messages really came from his verified Instagram account. His DMs read:


Okay, so he probably accidentally clicked the heart icon instead of the question mark. (If you've ever DM'd someone on Instagram, you know the heart button is very easy to accidentally click and turn a conversation awkward.) But still, why is Justin Bieber sliding into a random woman's DMs? The answer is probably because he wants to hit on her. But of course, there are a few other possible explanations:

1. She eerily looks like a girl who went to Bieber's elementary school but disappeared after third grade. Her memory still keeps Bieber up at night.

2. He's trying to cast the lead in his next music video, and he's been having trouble finding someone who's comfortable dancing while holding canned energy drinks.


3. He's been looking for a pair of grey capri leggings and wants to ask Gober where she bought hers.

Beliebers were skeptical that the DMs were real.

However, Gober responded to her haters, clarifying that the messages are in fact legit.


Not to mention, everyone is dying to know what she replied.

Gober did not immediately respond to Someecards' request for comment–we imagine she's too busy formulating the perfect response to the Biebs.

Photos courtesy of jessicagober/Twitter and Getty Images.

Sources: Twitter