James Murray is a goofy joker on the truTV reality series 'Impractical Jokers'. He is constantly the butt of all his friends' jokes but takes it like a champ. He's always laughing and smiling and only occasionally crying.

The show really makes us feel like we know who these guys are, but the truth is, they keep their personal lives relatively private. There's a lot we don't know about James Murray, so here are five things you may not have known.

He Has Three Nieces


James has a really big family, and on holidays he always posts pictures and videos of himself hanging out with his nieces and nephews. He looks genuinely terrified of his three nieces in this video, but maybe they just have a little too much energy for him.

I'm sure he loves spending time with them and making fun, goofy videos like these that he can look back on in the future. It appears that his nephew was even a part of this little joke. Did you notice his cameo at the end?

He Has an Unfortunate Tattoo


During an episode of 'Impractical Jokers', everyone lost the challenge except for Joe Gatto. The punishment he came up with was for all three of the losers to get tattoos of his choice. The catch was they couldn't see the tattoo ideas until they were permanently inked on their bodies.

James Murray is terrified of heights and had said before that the one thing he would never do would be to go skydiving. Well, during a slightly mean trick, the boys forced him to go as one of his punishments.


Apparently, he looked like a ferret while he was falling from the sky, so for this punishment, Joe tattooed a ferret skydiving on his leg. It's pretty unfortunate, but at least it's memorable.

He Meets a Ton of Famous People

So glad to hear #ImpracticalJokers rocks Taylor Lautner gently to sleep at night! @truTVjokers

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So much fun hanging out with @VictoriaJustice @reevecarney @themadisongrace @Joe_Gatto @truTVjokers

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James Murray has been able to hang out with celebrities like Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner, Victoria Justice and so much more. Anyone who scrolls through his Instagram account is going to get insanely jealous of his life.

Who wouldn't want to go to really fun parties, hang out with cool people, and brag about it online? James is totally living the life and it's safe to say we would all kill to be in his place.

He Thinks He Can Sing


From the sounds of this cover of Adele's 'Hello', James Murray should definitely leave his singing to the privacy of his empty car. He captioned this little video, "Nailed my cover of @Adele's great song "Hello"."

Let's hope that is sarcasm otherwise he might need to get his hearing checked. Obviously, no one can really live up to Adele's version because she does such an incredible job, but some people have come close with their covers. I think it's safe to say James Murray was not one of those people.

He Has a Crippling Fear of Heights


No one likes seeing people scared, but 'Impractical Jokers' has a way of making it funny. Poor Murr has a crippling fear of heights and it's not getting any better by being on this show.

They say in order to conquer your fears, you have to face them head on. This really doesn't seem to be working for Murr who has already gone skydiving and flown in a plane while dangling his legs out.

This photo was captioned, 'get ready to see a grown man cry on national TV. Again.' The hashtags included #livepunishment and #Impractical Jokers. I can't help but feel a little bad for James Murray. He looks truly terrified in this picture, but it was a punishment so it had to be done. Hopefully, it was funny!