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15 people debate which television show is the most overrated.

15 people debate which television show is the most overrated.


Let's face it, popular television shows aren't always as great as everyone hypes them up to be.

Debating television shows has been around almost as long as television itself. Let's face it, expressing distaste for something popular can be, well, popular. And people will defend their favorite shows right back. One such polarizing debate took place in a popular Reddit forum.

DadIsMadAtMe lit the fire when they asked:

What show did you start and wound up hating so much you didn’t finish it?

1. Glee


The funny thing about this show is it originally started as a satire of the very thing it became.

2. West World


Loved the first season. Then it started going downhill. Haven’t seen the latest season and I don’t plan on it.

3. Grey's Anatomy


I used to watch this show with my wife, I didn't love it, but I tolerated it cause I do love my wife. Then there was the musical episode where the entire episode's dialogue is sang by the actors. I told her I just couldn't anymore. She didn't even hold it against me.

4. The Flash


I'm the fastest man alive except for the villain. And how do I win?? I must run faster through the power of friendship!

5. Riverdale


I think I lost it when it became fantasy/paranormal/cult horror? And I've heard that it ventures into time travel or something. Even typing this out confuses me so much lol.

6. Once Upon a Time


So effing glad I stopped at season two.

7. The 100


I surprisingly made it 5 seasons in I think. I almost quit watching part way though season 1, because even though I really liked some aspects of the show, the characters and drama just pissed me off so much.

8. 13 Reasons Why


0 reasons why you would watch more

9. Netflix's Sabrina the Teenage Witch


There was an episode where the witch kids are putting on a musical or play, and there's a shot where they have a devil/goat heat puppet just slide in from out of frame to say something like 'Shouldn't yoouu be the lead in the play, Sabrina?' I died laughing and couldn't watch another minute.

10. Orange is the New Black


Piper annoyed the f*cking sh*t out of me. I can't stand her face.

11. Suits


How they managed to put together 9 seasons of the same shit over and over I'll never understand because I quit in the middle of Season 3.

12. Weeds


The first couple seasons were great. Then they decided to make all the characters completely unlikable

13. Handmaid's Tale


It just got to the point where it was brutal and violent for the shock value. Became kind of traumatizing to watch, I couldn't get some of the imagery out of my head for months and I still don't like thinking about it.

14. How to Get Away with Murder


I loved the first season, tolerated the second, powered through the third. When I sat down to start the fourth, I realized I hated every single character and wanted them all to die, so I turned it off.

And the highest rated answer:

15. Walking Dead


After the way overdone cliffhanger about who he kills I pretty much checked out.

Obviously, people had some very 'hot takes'. Did you show get attacked?

Sources: Reddit
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