The best explanation for why the Simpsons is so crazy besides 'it's a cartoon.'

If you've had access to television almost anywhere in the world in the past three decades, chances are you know The Simpsons. Chances are also good that you've heard people say that as the years go by, the plotlines on the show have gotten wackier and wackier, as well as becoming significantly more Homer-centric after the first few Bart-led seasons.

Well, a certain fan theory posted on reddit that explains all this went viral last week. The theory states that the past 20 seasons have all been dreams in Homer's mind after he was put in a coma on April Fool's Day, 1993, in Season 4, Episode 18, "So It's Come To This." This video from Cartoon Conspiracy explains all this in a way that's impossible to misunderstand (but will still make you want to rewatch all the old episodes).

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