Inside Amy Schumer won the Emmy for outstanding variety sketch series last night, and Amy Schumer's speech was hilarious, as one would expect from a woman who is willing to burn "all the bridges possible" to keep us laughing.

Schumer said she would like to to thank "all of the suits who represent me" as well as "the girl who gave me this sort of a smoky eye," which was refreshing to hear after all the lists of names and companies that the other winners quickly sped through. She also dropped in some inspiring tidbits, explaining that her staff couldn't even afford screenwriting software before the show started ("We all had to get Final Draft once they picked up our show. We didn't own it.") and noting that head writer Jessi Klein convinced her to embrace her vision ("I almost made a stupid sex talk show that nobody wanted and she got drunk and told me that I had to follow my dreams and make my dream show.")

Sources: Television Academy