Robb Stark: the nobility of Michael, the decision-making of GOB.

Game of Thrones and Arrested Development, respectively, have ended their seasons (technically, Arrested Development's Season 4 ended at the same time it began since it was released altogether). However, that doesn't mean we can't keep quoting them, reliving their traumatic moments, and laughing at the various pickles the main characters' decisions get them into. Now, with Arrested Westeros, you can do both at the same time and also experience this traumatizing Game of Thrones season in a far more lighthearted manner. There aren't really any spoilers here, but if you're really squeemish about those sorts of things, be warned. 

Great, now we're picturing Michael tell George Michael to "impregnate someone, OK buddy?"

Hopefuly Jaime gets his sword groove back so he doesn't have to scare kids for a living.

I wonder what Ramsay Snow's return policies are.

Actually great, now we're imagining that there's a Brienne of Tarth Two out there!


Daario Parmesaharis is still pretty sexy, but decidely less good at finding things out.

If you look carefully you can see Carl Weathers carrying off a Frey girl.


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