This illustrator removed one letter from TV show titles and made them way better.

This illustrator removed one letter from TV show titles and made them way better.

Austin Light is a creative man. He writes, he illustrates, he designs, and he still manages to find time to think up remakes of beloved TV shows with one letter removed from their titles. He recently uploaded an album to Imgur titled "Remove a letter, make a show better--I spent May making TV title typos," which features exactly that. This simple gimmick works surprisingly great, mostly because the concept images are so spot on for the ridiculous loglines that follow them. Here are some of the best pitches Light came up with.

1. The Files

A mockumentary following the employees at a filing cabinet company in Scranton, PA. One employee is convinced his desk mate is secretly an alien.

2. WWE Monday Night Aw

At the crossroads of giant muscled men and cute critters is this weekly reality competition dog show. This season, The Rock and his pup defend their title against Triple H and his Pomeranian.​

3. ​Two and a Half Me


A disgraced scientist attempts to rebuild his life after a cloning experiment goes horrifyingly wrong.

4. Hose

No one knows fire fighting better than Hose. He's the best. He's also a jerk. Like if he were trapped inside a burning building, his fellow fighters would consider leaving him in there.

5. Sailor Moo


A young dairy cow meets a talking cat and gains the ability to turn into an intergalactic superhero. Unfortunately she does not gain the ability to talk. There's a lot of mooing.

6. Dawson's Reek

Dawson's stench is so potent the town he lives in was evacuated. Will Dawson ever find someone to love him for who he is and how he smells?

8. Arks and Recreation


The manager of the local lumber yard builds a giant boat, and tells God he's got to flood the earth to see if the boat works. God agrees and the manager fills the boat with animals to make bacon while he's stuck in there.

9. Lot

A dozen strangers had the same idea this morning: park in the private lot for faster access to Bed Bath & Beyond. But now the lot is locked and none of their cars will start, and people keep disappearing, and there's a polar bear roaming around. What is this place?


10. The Goo Wife

After her politician husband's very public scandal outs her as a gelatinous monster, Alicia decides to stop pretending and start eating people.

Check out the rest of the album here, or take a look at how Light did this same trick with movies back in 2014 here.