Earlier today we learned that filming on the current season of Bachelor in Paradise has been suspended due to "allegations of misconduct." Initial gossipy tweets were vague about what that actually meant, only that DeMario Jackson apparently got into some sloppy drunken debauchery with a female castmate on the first night of filming. But a new report from People alleges the sexual activity might not have been consensual.


DeMario Jackson, you may remember, got prematurely cut from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette after his (ex-?)girlfriend confronted him on-air about appearing on the show.


According to People, the Bachelor in Paradise cast members felt that the woman involved in the recent incident was too drunk to consent. The cast was disappointed that a producer allegedly did not step in to stop the alleged assault but rather stood around and filmed it.

"People are pissed, and not just at DeMario. We’re pissed that this whole thing happened," a contestant anonymously told People. "They could have seen that she was drinking too much and that he was taking advantage. They could have stopped this before it got this far. But they decided to let it go, and let it happen, and see what happened? So, I’m angry at the show, and everyone else is too."


However, another source told TMZ that "everything was fine" after the drunken sexual encounter and that DeMario Jackson and the woman seemed to continue to get along. (Of course, that does not mean an alleged sexual assault did not occur.)

Warner Brothers released this statement following the assault allegations:

We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.


Bachelor in Paradise began shooting on location June 3 and is slated to premiere on August 8. Right now it is unclear if the show will make it to the air at all.

At present, Bachelor host Chris Harrison has not tweeted or formally commented on the alleged incident.

UPDATE 6/13/17 8:22am

TMZ is reporting that Corinne Olympios, the woman DeMario Jackson was allegedly involved with, has confirmed that she was too intoxicated to give consent when the two had a sexual encounter on the first night of filming Bachelor in Paradise.


According to TMZ, Olympios claims she was in a blackout state and does not remember engaging in sexual acts with Jackson. The website also reports that Olympios is lawyering-up and might plan on suing production for not stepping in after noticing that Olympios was too drunk to consent.

TMZ is also reporting that Corinne Olympios claims to have a boyfriend, and would not have jeopardized her relationship by having sex with another man while filming Bachelor in Paradise.