Despite not currently being on air, Bachelor in Paradise is still managing to be the most dramatic show on television.

TMZ is now reporting that, although the show plans to resume filming next week, neither Corinne Olympios, 24, or DeMario Jackson, 30, will be rejoining the production. This is probably definitely for the best.

In case you are just tuning in, Bachelor in Paradise suspended filming after 'allegations of misconduct' halted production. Although details remain fuzzy, People reported that the cast and crew of the ABC show feared that Corinne Olympios was too drunk to consent to a hookup with DeMario Jackson on the first night of filming. They filed a complaint against production, citing that producers should have stepped in to stop the sexual acts that were "not exactly consensual" between the two very intoxicated parties.


You're fired.

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Olympios later came forward to say that she did not remember the events of the night and filed a complaint against production as well. Olympios was not asked to rejoin the cast in Mexico to resume filming.

After an investigation into the events (everything was filmed, after all), Warner Brothers officially cleared Jackson of any misconduct. He was eventually invited to return to set, but TMZ is reporting that he turned down the offer.


Sources close to DeMario tell TMZ that the former Bachelorette contestant is suffering from anxiety over the scandal and has been seeing a therapist. Despite being cleared of wrongdoing and having many cast mates speak out on his behalf, he remains understandably upset that his name will forever be connected to a high-profile sex scandal.

Bachelor in Paradise is set to air later this summer, but honestly, does anyone even want to watch it after all this?