In a conversation with Uproxx last Friday, Robert Carlock—former 30 Rock showrunner and screenwriter of the upcoming Tina Fey film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot—confirmed that a Bill Cosby rape joke from a 2009 episode of 30 Rock was, indeed, intentional. 

During his explanation, Carlock mentioned at least two 30 Rock writers who'd been gunning for The Cosby Show star years before the public backlash against Cosby gained full steam:

“If you go back to ‘Weekend Update,’ Tina [Fey] has been grinding that ax for a long time. That was not an accident. From my memory, the joke was more overt. And because he had not been found guilty of anything – and still hasn’t – we had to reword it to be a little more obtuse. I think ever since the Today show appearance by one of the women, there’s a run or a joke she did on “Update” years ago. And Hannibal Buress was one of our writers – and he took it to the next level.”

Sources: Uproxx