Feel jealous of Jessica Chastain all you want, but nine hours in a hot tub (with Chris Hemsworth) is just incredibly dangerous. It would be irresponsible to pretend like this was a sex fantasy come true when the recommended soak time in a hot tub is 20 minutes maximum, with the potential for dehydration and overheating skyrocketing after that.

Watch Chastain's interview with on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she details the incident, but then please stick around for a PSA below that about why hot tubs are death traps.


Had your fun? Good.

Get ready to sober up with these damning facts about the slow cookers that companies market as "jacuzzis."

According to a 2007 blog post by hot-tub writer Rodney Wallin titled "How Your Hot Tub Can Kill You," over 800 people have drowned in hot tubs since 1990. How? Too many reasons.

  • If you heat the water too hot or stay in too long you might pass out. 104 degrees should be the warmest the water is ever heated and the recommended time to soak is about 20 minutes.
  • If you drink too much alcohol you could pass out in the water.
  • If you leave the hot tub cover on and lift only one side and don't remove the cover then - clunk - it can fall and hit you on the head, possibly knocking you unconscious.
  • If you use an older model spa without certain safety features in the way the drains are positioned or covered, long hair can get sucked into the drains, holding your head under water. Also, the strong suction on older spas, again without safety drains, can suck against your body and hold you against the bottom drain. The CPSC has a nasty sounding name for this - body part entanglement - and people using hot tubs have died from it.
  • If you fail to maintain or wire the electrical parts properly electrocution can result.

Wow. Chastain clearly shouldn't have been worried about the wrinkles making her look like "[she] was 120-years-old" when the threat of Chris Hemsworth passing out, getting his hair mangled in a nozzle, and trapped beneath the bubbling inferno was so high.

So before you go day-dreaming about switching places with Chastain, first take a moment to fantasize a world where hot tubs never kill another human being.

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