Stephen Colbert wrote a rap musical about the Trump vs. 'Hamilton' duel.

Stephen Colbert wrote a rap musical about the Trump vs. 'Hamilton' duel.

Hamilton, the epic rap musical about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr feud that culminated in a fatal duel, found itself embroiled in its own petty conflict with President-elect Trump.

While it was most likely an elaborate scheme to distract people from his $25 million fraud settlement (!!!), it worked, and will now be written in the history books under "Trump's press manipulation tactics."

And like anything important in history, it begs to be musicalized, and Stephen Colbert has delivered the goods. The rapping starts at 10:46, after a hilarious monologue about Trump University (Carpe crotch-um!)

Here are the lyrics to sing along/because it goes by so quickly:

How does an orange bully, son of a bitch and a con man grabbing pussy with Gary Busey,

No taxes evident,

Grow up to be a hero and the president?

Well, the story of my reign starts on the Great White Way

with a great white-haired Veep who doesn’t like the gay.

I always thought the theater was a safe and special place,

but when the vice president’s in residence some thugs get in his face.

Cameras blazing, come right at him with their scary tights

Blast him, bang, with a request to protect their rights.

Stabbing him with rudeness, the cast casting aspersions

Before Pence could hit 'em back with some gay conversions.

He got a lecture, he got hectored in his little seat

I won't let my Veep go down like that

Men: To the tweets!

Drop the toilet seat, drop the beat

Thumbs so fast disappearing like my balance sheet

Gonna make the theater safe again and end the lies

I'm gonna tweet: "Apologize!"

And done

Back to make America great

Hannity, Truckasaurus, who wants Secretary of State?