Sorry, Coco, the mob has spoken.

Arguing about if/when The Simpsons hit its peak has been a national pasttime since at least 15 years ago, when the show turned 10. One of the most common opinions, however, is that the show's high-water mark came early on (even if you think it stayed good overall), during Conan O'Brien's stint as a writer and producer from 1991-1993. Of all his creations (which include the Sea Captain character and Jub-Jub the iguana), however, he has said that the Music Man-inspired episode "Marge vs the Monorail" is his favorite. As he explained this weekend at the live Simpsons celebration, "Simpsons Take The Bowl," however, the episode has also been a source of constant torture: 21 years of constant requests for him to perform "The Monorail Song," a request to which he and the Los Angeles Gay Men's Choir finally caved on Friday night.

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