Plus, Danaerys can't get pregnant, since she's the Mother of Dragons. So, that's a plus.

Once you've already crossed into the random-Craigslist-sex arena, it's kind of hard to start saying what's weird and what isn't. Except in this case. This is weird. Why is it weird? Let's begin with the fact that she has already purchased a replica of the Iron Throne especially for this purpose. Either that, or she bought it and then decided well, obviously, she needed to have random sex with a stranger who looks like this guy on top of it. But basically, that's just standard Craiglsist sex weirdness. Let's get to what's really bothering us.


First of all, yes, House Stark and Baratheon are the ones who usurped the Targaryens. But even Danaerys has figured out from Jorah Mormont and Barristan Selmy that it all started because her dad kept burning people all the time, and we can all agree that the Lannisters are the vilelest douches in the land. However, this is not the most glaring problem with this scenario. The biggest problem is the pesky little issue of Robb being fucking dead. We're writing this small because some people still look at spoilers even though they don't want to and then they whine and cry in our comments.


Anyway, if you look like Richard Madden and are in the New Orleans area, it's pretty safe to say this opportunity isn't coming around again any time soon.

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