The top 10 songs from 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' to get you pumped for season 2.

The top 10 songs from  'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' to get you pumped for season 2.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the show with the problematic name, is back for it's second season premiering on Friday on the CW. The show revolves around Rebecca Bunch, a woman who uprooted her high-powered life in New York City to follow her ex-boyfriend to a small town in California. It is part sitcom, part comedy, part musical and one of the most hilarious shows on television right now (am I gushing? I'm gushing. I'm not sorry.). Seriously, if you're not watching it, binge season one immediately.

Here are the top 10 funniest songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend according to me, a crazy fan of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

10) "Good at Yoga"

Sung by Valencia, the super hot girl who's dating the man Rebecca is in love with, "Good at Yoga" is a relatable bop about being insecure in front of a goddess-like woman who actually appears to enjoy working out.

9) "Where's The Bathroom?"

Hailed as a "miracle of Judaism" by fellow Someecards staffer Orli Matlow, this is the song Rebecca's mother (played by Broadway veteran Tovah Feldshuh) sings upon visiting her daughter's California pad for the first time.


8) "I Gave You a UTI"

Greg, who Rebecca hooks up with on-and-off throughout the first season, takes giving Rebecca a painful urinary tract infection as a badge of honor (even though you can get a UTI from a wet bathing suit bottom so don't flatter yourself, dudes).

7) "Women Gotta Stick Together"

This song, sung by Valencia, could just as easily been sung by Taylor Swift, right down to the fake feminism and acoustic guitar playing.

6) "Heavy Boobs"

An ode to having giant titties, "Heavy Boobs" is arguably the most iconic chest-related song since the Black-Eyed Peas sang "My Humps." Also, props to the cast for swinging their boobs around so hard for the dance number, that looks painful AF.


5) "Sexy Getting Ready Song"

Finally, a song that truly captures what it is like to prepare for a night out as a woman who isn't shy about waxing her asshole. Think of this number as the opposite of "I woke up like this."

4) "Theme Song"

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend theme song, which was nominated for an Emmy this year, hilariously addresses the show's problematic aspects by commenting on them ("the situation's a lot more nuanced than that!"). It was recently announced that the theme song is going to be replaced with this updated version for the new season.


3) "You Stupid Bitch"

The relatable ballad about f*cking up everything, "You Stupid Bitch" is the 11th o'clock number of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

2) "I Have Friends"

Sung between young Rebecca and current Rebecca, "I Have Friends" explores the deep denial that no one seems to grow out of about their platonic relationships. Also, clock the amazing cameo of grocery store clerk with half an eyelid (a.k.a. "Brody").


1) "West Covina:

The number one song has to go to "West Covina," the show-stopping number from episode one that sets the tone for the lunacy of the series. (West Covina is the rinky-dink California town where Rebecca suddenly moves because she finds out her ex lives there.) How could a number that culminates in being hoisted above a crowd of dancers on a giant pretzel not take the top spot?


Runners up because it was just so damn hard to pick ten are: "Jap Rap," "I Give Good Parent," "Settle For Me," and "Dream Ghost."