'GoT' leaked casting announcement spoils an incredibly satisfying fan theory for next season.

'GoT' leaked casting announcement spoils an incredibly satisfying fan theory for next season.

Spoilers for Game of Thrones, season 8 below.

News of Cersei's latest scheme is fresh in your mind after a scenes from last season. It's all coming back to you: Cersei told Dany and Jon that she'd help fight the White Walkers, then she immediately revealed to Jaime it was all a lie. Her latest suitor, Euron Greyjoy, is shuttling a mercenary army—the Golden Company—from a far away land to come ashore and backstab Westeros' hottest power couple.

But when the Golden Company lands, where else, in King's Landing... their leader takes off his perfectly face-obscuring headgear... and... it's... Dany's wildman lover: Daario Naharis!

Sorry my terrible, predictive recap is no Game of Thrones, but that fantasy—envisioned by the always churning internet theory factory—is one of your only options for a Thrones fix until season eight finally crawls into our lives in 2019.

And sorry to break your heart again, but my vivid, Emmy Award-winning blog blurb isn't going to happen in real life.

According to a new casting announcement helpfully investigated by fan site Watchers on the Wall before details were deleted, Daario won't be the mercenary army's leader. That role's being filled by an actor named Marc Rissmann, who will play a character named Harry Strickland. In the book series, Strickland runs the Golden Company. So the heartthrob taking off his helmet on the shores of King's Landing won't be Daario at all.

As a consolation though, it'll be this guy:

A good day of hunting- please meet Tekil;) Shooting for #thelastkingdom #netflix @thelastkingdom

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Not bad. Although in the books, Strickland's bald and fat. So obviously Game of Thrones is taking some liberties with the character already.

Maybe there's hope for a Daario twist after all.