"We've actually elected an internet troll as our president," Dave Chappelle said in a Saturday Night Live monologue that followed a somber performance of the late Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" by Kate McKinnon (as Hillary Clinton).

And while Chappelle got big laughs, he touched on some dangerous turf for comedy, including race, riots, police violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, and mass shootings. He also explained why he wouldn't leave the country after Donald Trump's election and imagined the first private Oval Office meeting between President Obama and his totally unprepared successor.


The episode itself featured a sketch about watching the election results live—with an unexpected cameo.

Elsewhere, Chappelle had to decide which of his old characters to finally kill in this Walking Dead parody.

And, with McKinnon, played out the attraction between two unfortunate drunks still at the bar for last call.


But the show didn't end there. At the afterparty, Chappelle once again took the stage to sing Radiohead's "Creep" with help from Leslie Jones.

In a life full of highlights? I'm glad I waited til 5:22am for this....

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The song seems to be a favorite of Chappelle's, as it's not the first time he's crooned it for an adoring audience.

It doesn't quite make up for the state of the country, but as far as entertainment goes, Saturday night was a smashing success.