A Dutch TV show called Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee ("Bring Your Bathing Suit") is making headlines around the world for their super edgy version of Jimmy Kimmel's guessing game, according to BuzzFeed News.

Instead of guessing if the contestants are married or single, siblings or strangers, this show decided to indulge that age old pastime for oblivious monsters: fat or pregnant?

"New program on NPO 3. Here four men have to guess whether this woman is fat or pregnant. Fun. Really fun."


Seems fun! Do the guessers get slapped across the face if they guess wrong? Is their prize a lifetime of never-fading shame?

And in case this show seemed too classy for you, don't worry, there's also a segment where contestants guess whether a woman's breasts are real or fake. Look how hard this guy's thinking:

This may seem like par for the Howard Stern course, but this show's actually on Dutch Public Broadcasting. In America, public broadcasting created Sesame Street.


One petition against the show puts it simply: "KRO-NCRV decided that the budget of public broadcasting can be best spent... [on] a game involving women as pieces of meat."

The show creators defended their concept, saying that "the satirical setting is a way to laugh off all kinds of prejudices." That's according to The Telegraph, who called the show "shocking." The British writer of that article also acknowledged that "when it comes to trashy-sounding reality TV shows, us Brits don't exactly have much to hold our heads high about (Keith Chegwin's Naked Jungle, anyone?)."


Neither do we in America (Jersey Shore, anyone?) but at least we don't have a game where contestants guessed if Asian people were "Chinese or Japanese." Yup, it's the same show:

No, we don't have the answers.