Ellen DeGeneres seems like a pretty nice gal, but it turns out if you cross her, she will get revenge. Even if it makes everyone else in the room feel very uncomfortable. On a recent episode of her show, Ellen set up a free merchandise table outside the studio, along with a sign instructing audience members to only take one item each.

Most of her audience members abided by the rules, except for this lady.

You see, what this woman didn't know was that Ellen had set up a hidden camera behind the merchandise table. She went back for seconds (and thirds) thinking no one saw her. Unfortunately, during the taping of the show, literally everyone saw her stealing.


Ellen not only showed the tape of the woman's trip to the merch table, but also made her go sit in "Ellen jail." Shame! You can watch the whole clip here:

Let this lady's misfortunes be a lesson to us all: If you betray Ellen's trust, she will embarrass you on national television.