Two North Carolina parents who appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are accused of ditching their adopted kids soon after the cameras stopped rolling. WSOC TV reports now that two of the kids are no longer minors, they're speaking out.

Parents Devonda and James Friday pitched an emotional plea to the ABC reality show that they needed more room for their five foster children, as well as a new storefront for their nonprofit.

Enter Oprah's friend Ty Pennington, who along with volunteers and his crew, flipped their house into a dream mansion.


The five adopted children are biological siblings, and even changed their last name to Friday. But within a year of the episode wrapping, they say none of them were living in the mansion with Mr. and Mrs. Friday.

"What they did to us was just wrong. (They) threw us all out," Chris Friday told WSOC. He was sent to a group home because of a "bad attitude" within months of the recording, but was told it was temporary. Kamaya Friday was sent to a different group home months later for the same reason.

"My brother and sisters were 5-years-old. How can they get that much trouble where they have to kick them out?" Chris said.


Kamaya and Chris now suggest that their adoptive parents were only after one thing: the money.

Devonda and James received thousands of dollars worth of goods for their nonprofit store, including Sears gift cards, and Kamaya accuses her of using the money on herself.

Chris claimed that Devonda drove a mini-van before the show, and quickly upgraded to a Mercedes-Benz convertible.

When the WSOC crew arrived at the mansion, Devonda backed up her Mercedes and drove away.


The family went to court in 2015, but Kamaya and Chris still didn't trust their adoptive parents' motivations.

"They went to court trying to get us all back, but I think it was about the money, too," Chris explained.

"The judge he gets upset and is like, ‘You leave these kids life for a whole year, then try to come back a year later and say you want them back. It doesn't work like that,’" Kamaya added.

The grown children say that they're moving on with their lives and changing their last name, but the younger three children are split in different homes.

Sources: WSOC TV