As sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood bigwigs become public, a common theme in the news is how the disgusting behavior have been "open secrets" in the industry for years.

And with an "open secret," comes a joke on 30 Rock and/or Family Guy.

Like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey before him, director/producer/alleged harasser Brett Ratner got a shout-out from Seth McFarlane, a quick line in a 2012 episode of Family Guy that refers to him being disgusting.


According to Death and Taxes, this episode featured Brian the dog dressing up as a sheikh or emir to infiltrate a sex slave auction, in which the baby Stewie was up for sale (what?).

After the infant does his little dance to Katy Perry's "California Girls," the auctioneer says "Thank you, Brett Ratner," to a guy who bid $75,000.

I'm curious to see what other non-secret secrets McFarlane has referenced over the years, but that would necessitate watching Family Guy.