Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood got into a physical fight while filming a Teen Mom OG reunion special on October 22nd, according to US Weekly. It's been many years since Portwood and Abraham were both "16 and Pregnant," but just because they got older doesn't mean they grew up.

New episode on now before the VMA'S💙

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Apparently the trouble started when the show's host (and referee) Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Abraham's boyfriend, Simon Saran, to clarify comments he had made on Snapchat calling Portwood's boyfriend, Matt Baier, a pedophile. Before Saran could apologize, Abraham​ interjected and said that Baier "kind of looks like a pedophile," whatever that means. Portwood then stormed the stage to defend her boyfriend, while Abraham's father got involved in an attempt to defend his daughter. Between the babies and the adults who act like babies, there is never a shortage of screaming when it comes to a Teen Mom reunion. However, things usually don't get physical.


Saran later tweeted about the incident, causing even more controversy.

Portwood responded with this tweet, encouraging people to tune in to find out what really happened.

Then Saran fired back by saying that the show will edit him and Abraham unfairly, even though the episode is not even out yet.


He now appears to be attacking the Teen Mom producers and is rallying together people to get the show taken off air altogether.

We will just have to wait and see the reunion for ourselves, but much like one very orange presidential candidate, (who Farrah has recently endorsed, by the way), it looks like Abraham and Saran will just blame editing if they appear in the wrong. Being a mother, Abraham should probably be able to recognize a temper tantrum when she sees one.