Fox announced that Grease the musical will be a live 3-hour TV event.

Fox announced that Grease the musical will be a live 3-hour TV event.


Money is the word. (via)

If you loved how much you hated NBC's live production of The Sound of Music, then you're going to love the news from Fox TV, who announced today that Grease will be a live, 3-hour event in 2015. Even though The Sound of Music was a critical dumpster fire, the ratings were huge. Fox says the new production will feature a "young ensemble cast," unlike the original movie, which featured high school students in their mid-thirties because, for some reason, back then no one under 25 was able to sing.

Fox said in the statement that "we’re going to give it the kind of star power and production quality to make every Sandy, Danny, Rizzo and Kenickie out there want to get up and sing along.” No doubt they're going after big names for this, which is why hundreds of A-list stars and delusional D-listers are probably busy right now singing Summer Nights in the mirror.

Fox could get a 3-hour ratings smash out of the casting process alone. Who wouldn't tune in to watch as Lindsay Lohan is told she's too old for Sandy, but could have a shot at Principal McGee. Then passing that info along to her mother Dina, wearing a satin Pink Ladies jacket. Or witness the spectacle of James Franco trolling the entire process with a pitch-perfect rendition of Beauty School Dropout.

One can only hope that Fox will somehow get John Travolta attached to the project, not so much for the nostalgia, but to unite the words "John Travolta" and "live television" for the first time since his word jumble performance art at the Oscars.

Imagine how great he'd be as Coach Calhoun:

"Hey, Danzoo Koozo, get your act together. I know you're only here trying to impress Sadney, but if you and your buddy Neklicki don't quit fooling around, I'll send you to see Principal Gamcee!" You get the idea.

Better yet, just cast him as Danny. Sure, he's too old, but his hair can still play 17-25.

(by Jonathan Corbett)