Alert: There's a moment in Friends when Rachel was not played by Jennifer Aniston. Some people with too much time on their hands have identified an incident that NBC, the cast of Friends, and the Illuminati never wanted you to discover. Brace yourself, because the implications are broad: if there's a moment in Friends when Jennifer wasn't Rachel, we'll need to go back and closely examine her commercials and movie roles for similar disappearances.

This conspiracy takes place in episode 15 of season 9, entitled "The One With The Mugging." There is a 1-2 second moment where someone other than Jennifer Aniston is standing in as Rachel. She's even wearing a different colored shirt than Jennifer Aniston. No longer will generations wonder whether the moon landing was a hoax, or who exactly shot JFK. They will try to determine the reasons for this mystery. Here it is:

Sources: Decider