Here are a lot of 'Game of Thrones' actors back in a time when they were not yet 'Game of Thrones' actors, but wished to be. (Spoilers. I shouldn't have to warn you.)

HBO released footage showing the auditions of a lot of the show's actors, and if I may be genuine for a moment, their star power is absolutely bursting from the screen. I'm charmed. I would cast Gwendolyn Christie in anything and everything. If I were a casting director, every Ghostbusters reboot would star four green-screened Gwendolyn Christies, kind of like The Parent Trap. And you would love it.

This video does a great job incorporating early readings of so many lines we know and love, plus it offers a rare glimpse of Melisandre being goofy. Unfortunately, it takes an all too ambiguous stance regarding the fate of Jon Snow's character. Is he alive? Is he dead? Where is he in this video? And more importantly, at the time it was taken, what did Kit Harrington's hair look like?

Sources: YouTube