A 'GoT' script allegedly leaked and if it's real it's FULL OF SPOILERS.

A 'GoT' script allegedly leaked and if it's real it's FULL OF SPOILERS.

Four pages of a Game of Thrones season 8 script may have been leaked onto the internet, and, if they're legit, they contain some pretty major spoilers.

This isn't the first time the HBO show Game of Thrones has suffered from leaks; last season script pages were leaked, and someone claiming to be part of the production team spilled the show's secrets as they were being filmed, too.

These pages were allegedly sent to a Reddit user via direct message by another Reddit user who then deleted his account. The pages might not be real, but they do bear the same black strip as the script pages leaked during season 7. The person who sent them allegedly didn't have the full script, but got access to a few pages.

So if you don't want to know what (maybe) happens in season 8 of Game of Thrones, CLOSE THIS ARTICLE NOW.

But if you just can't wait to wrap your brains around some new GOT info (being as the show will not air again until late 2018 or even sometime in 2019), read on.

Of the four pages posted, two are set in King's Landing and are about the same plot point, while the other two pages seem unrelated.

1. The pages with Cercei and Jaime do show that she's planning on using Wildfire to destroy King's Landing rather than let it be taken. That supports this person who wrote on Reddit that he had information about the show from his friend, who is on the production team (an "extremely reliable and DRUNK source"). The production person let slip that King's Landing almost succumbs to Wildfire and blue dragon fire (meaning the dragon Viserion, who is now part of the army of the undead). This plot point is also supported by the fact that HBO is currently building a King's Landing set capable of doing live pyrotechnics.

2. A male Dothraki character is revealed to be a White Walker.

3. Tyrion does something nice for Bronn.

Check out all four pages here.