5 theories on what’s next for Jaime Lannister on 'Game of Thrones.'

5 theories on what’s next for Jaime Lannister on 'Game of Thrones.'

At the end of this week's Game of Thrones episode, "The Spoils of War," after watching scores of his army get burned alive and charging at Dany, we see Ser Jaime Lannister falling deep into the sea, like Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of Titanic.

Weighed down by his armor, things looked dire for Jaime in the sea, but the consensus amongst fans is that this will not be how Jaime's story ends.

5 theories on what’s next for Jaime Lannister on 'Game of Thrones.'
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But then what's next for out favorite, most sympathetic sisterf*cker?

Here are Reddit's most interesting theories. None of them are "he drowns and dies."

1. Jaime is given to the Starks and facilitates Arya's list.

I think Tyrion will save his life but as a captive to the Starks, perhaps betraying Dany somehow and fulfilling prophecy.

Arya steals his face.

Arya gets close enough to return Cersei's blade to her heart, fulfilling prophecy.


2. Jaime becomes Team Dany and kills Cersei.

I do think Jaime will eventually side with Dany. I assume he'll be taken prisoner and used as a bargaining chip. But Cersei won't bend the knee to save Jaime. Once that realization hits him, he'll see her with fresh eyes. I also think she might marry Euron before the war has ended. At some point, he'll become more essential to her success and he'll insist. I've long believed that Jaime is Azor Ahai and Cersei will be his Nissa Nissa.



3. Jaime becomes the Night Kingslayer.

Jaime will be revived and Dany will want to kill him, but Tyrion will persuade her not to because Jaime saved Tyrion's life. Jaime will be taken back to Dragonstone and as punishment Dany will sentence Jaime to go with Jon Snow and fight the White Walkers. In the end, he'll end up slaying the Night King, putting a good spin on his Kingslayer name.


4. Tyrion will save Jaime, pull a Tywin and help him escape.

The recent events in the show have given me an interesting idea. The possibility that Tyrion (the child historically most like Tywin) will eventually leave and potentially work against Dany the same way Tywin did to the mad king.

Tywin was the hand to the mad king and did an excellent job. [If I recall correctly] he ends up resigning after the mad king keeps messing with him in typical mad king fashion. This leads to Tywin's ultimate betrayal in the sacking of Kingslanding.

In the past two episodes there has been very uneasy and tense interactions between Dany and Tyrion. And I think after seeing the battle Tyrion has realized the amount of destruction and suffering he could have just brought to westeros. There is also a good chance Jaime will be captured by Dany, and Tyrion and Jaime (easily one of the most powerful bromances of asoiaf) will be reunited. I can't see how Dany would ever agree to let him live, and I can't see how Tyrion could resign and let Jaime die.

So my idea is that Tyrion will argue for Jaime's fate, end up resigning, then end up betraying Dany and helping Jaime escape. (I just realized this would also mirror Jaime helping Tyrion escape earlier) but Tyrion will probably stay and receive his punishment.. I doubt he jumps sides.. Maybe to Jon's side I guess.



5. Jaime sheds his Lannister armor, literally and figuratively.

My small prediction for the next episode is that Jaime will have to doff his Lannister armor to survive. And it's gonna be all symbolic in that trying to be a Lannister has always held him back. Also in his current position, being a Lannister is the number one reason he'll probably die, drown in the immediate case and killed as an adversary in a general sense. Whenever Jaime wears his armor it's him trying to live up to the man his father wanted him to be (I'm not sure if it's his father's actual armor). He's been wearing it pretty much non stop since he took Riverun in a way his father would, cruel pragmatism. But that's not Jaime, he is more compassionate than that, his last act before he (theoretically) takes his Lannister armor off was to try to end the war by sacrificing himself. What his father would have done is assure the survival of the family. Jaime is literally the only hope of that happening as the last male Lannister (barring cousins and him keeping his kingsguard vows) so he is being as anti-Tywin as possible.

tl;dr Jaime's armor represents his father's expectations weighing him down, he's going to have to take it off literally and symbolically to survive.