A mom knitted a stripped shawl for her 21-year-old daughter—but it's not just a striped scarf. Viewed from the right angle, the scarf has a special message for Game of Thrones fans: "Winter is coming." You'd imagine that the Stark words (and direwolf!) are hidden in case the scarf wearer happens to find herself in the company of any Lannisters (or the freakin' Night's Watch).

The illusion is achieved via something called "illusion knitting" or "shadow knitting," HelloGiggles reported. "The cool thing about [this kind of knitting] is that the ridges created by a specific pattern of these two stitches allows the design to be visible only from a certain angle when the ridges allow only some of the stitches to be seen,” said 61-year-old Penny Bartolomei, who created the amazing scarf. “The knitting itself wasn’t difficult, but I really had to pay attention and concentrate on the stitch count.”

Sources: HelloGiggles