Game of Thrones is a series of bloodbaths separated by the occasional breast, so it's natural that with months to go until the season seven premiere, it's time to speculate which of your favorite characters will watch their entrails slither through their own hands first.

Spoilers for the entire Game of Thrones series may follow.

Entertainment Weekly cites a poll by a sports betting website that asked 10,000 fans to guess who will die next.

14 percent said Theon Greyjoy.

Eight percent guessed Melisandre.

The next highest vote-getters were Davos Seaworth (no!), then Jorah Mormont.

Jorah Mormont has spent the entire series in a waking death anyway.

These are all beloved characters, but they're relatively minor. That's not usually how George R.R. Martin rolls, but as the series seems largely out of his hands at this point, perhaps Daenerys is safe for season seven.


Tyrion's death is too troubling to even consider.