According to TMZ, Nick Hawk, one of the stars of the Showtime reality series Gigolos, has insured his manhood for a million dollars. The signing of the policy, which he apparently got through Geldin Insurance, was recorded and will be shown on a future episode of Gigolos.


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A million dollars! Million dollar penis! Houses cost a million dollars! Can someone live inside your dick, guy? No, they cannot. No matter how big it is.

On the other hand, Nick Hawk is not the first person to insure a very profitable body part. People have had their legs, hands, smiles, butts, and sometimes whole bodies insured—and these are people who have other assets. Hawk only has this one thing that makes him worth anything at all. It's how he makes his money and clearly his passion in life (along with fedoras), so it's probably not a bad idea to insure it.