Let's just say "Hello" was an effective opening line with Blanche Devereaux.

When it comes to tough reporting gigs, re-watching all of The Golden Girls doesn't sound tough, but keep in mind this was a seven-season network television show. That's a lot of episodes and a lot of canned laughs for the folks at Refinery29 to dig through. While watching, they recorded every reference to past lovers and husbands, as well of mentions of successful dates and conquests during the show's run. If you haven't seen the show, maybe this will entice you, since there is no way anyone on Girls has boned anywhere near this number. If you have, the rankings probably won't surprise you, but the numbers will.


Specifically the number 263, which is the total. Whoah. You might think that averages out to an average of just under 66 dudes per Girl, but that's not even close.

Which is to say, it's pretty much all Blanche at an applause-worthy 165.

Dorothy Zbornak shtupped a healthy 43.


Rose Nylund admitted 30 men into her select-club.


And Sophia Petrillo only found 25 men worthy, although one can only guess how many hearts she laid to waste.

See the full investigation over at Refinery29.

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