It's easy to feel left out when you are seemingly the only person not watching the popular television show Game of Thrones. That is why a YouTuber named Steve (who could pass as Jared Kushner's long lost twin) decided to jump in and start watching the series starting with the most recent episode, "The Queen's Justice."

Sure, Steve may have missed out on the first 7 seasons and 2 episodes of the HBO show, but he decided to recap the latest episode to the best of his ability with no prior knowledge of plot or characters.

Although Steve literally knows nothing (see what I did there?), his innocent reactions are so pure:


The best part of this video has to be at the very end, when he realizes that Cersei (a.k.a "the shorthaired queen") and Jaime ("handsome man in the armor") are actually brother and sister. Yeah dude, that sex scene you were watching mere moments before? Surprise incest!

Honestly, he did a pretty decent job. I have been watching the show since 2011 and I still call nearly every supporting character "that old guy with the beard."