The Mullet of Lannister

Tough week for Peter Dinklage. First, his Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister was the recipient of some pretty awful luck on Sunday night's episode. And now someone on reddit has posted a yearbook photo of him, from back in his days at Delbarton School in Morristown, N.J., complete with the obligatory mullet. 

What you have to understand is that this picture was taken in 1987, and back in 1987 we all had mullets. Had somebody created a coat of arms for the United States in the late '80s, it would have just been a blue and red shield emblazoned with a glorious mullet. Our words would have been "Party In The Back." Our champion in battle would have been Steven Seagal. (Actually, I think our champion in battle was Steven Seagal.)

Sources: redditor cameroncrazy85