"Better to reign in America than to serve in Heaven!" - Barack Obama, Second Inaugural.

The History Channel's "The Bible" miniseries was pretty far below the radar, despite being the most popular thing on TV this weekend (13.1 million viewers), until this guy walked on screen. Pretty quickly, a few perceptive Christians saw their own personal boogeyman, Obama, under Satan's hood. As the story gets progressively weirder, Glenn Beck (yeah, remember him?) is one the first to spot the resemblance between this guy and That Guy, as he calls Obama (below). Twitter then exploded, obviously, with a few angry objections and a fair amount of gloating and/or actual credulence. The filmmakers will probably be called upon to apologize, as Game of Thrones had to when they used a George W. Bush mask as a severed head, but it will be hard to believe they think it's an accident since they've stated they think the entire project was guided by the hand of God.

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