Well, it's everything you'd ever want if you want a low-budget mid-90s cops-in-space show.

There comes a time in each of our lives (usually on a day when Internet news is slow) when we ask ourselves: "Hey, has anyone done a cops-in-space show yet?" And then, on that day, we Google that sentence and we discover the glory that is Space Precinct.

Created by Gerry Anderson (the guy who did Thunderbirds), this BBC show follows an NYPD cop, Lt. Patrick Brogan, who's transferred to another planet to be part of... the Space Police. This show has everything you'd ever want: terrible alien costumes, moderate explosions, cop cliches, gross alien food, wives with perms, Admiral Ackbar knock-offs, and robots that were apparently made with two flashlights and silver foam core. Also, I watched the first few minutes of a random episode, and it included a police officer repeatedly yelling "more ketchup!" at a metal box holding a hot dog.