Last week, Ellen DeGeneres and Adele played a hilarious prank on some Jamba Juice employees by having Adele pose as herself, only strange and demanding. Adele carried a purse containing a roll of toilet paper, a bottle of liquor, handcuffs (which she handed to her to the person playing her assistant, saying," You're supposed to have those"), a pair of scissors, lots of loose change, and some Twizzlers (one of which she graciously hands to the employee behind the counter after dumping out her whole bag, Breakfast Club-style).

So, this week Jamba Juice decided to capitalize on one of the funniest parts of the gag—Adele's assertion that while England doesn't have Jamba Juice, they do have something similar: "Swishy Chug." According to Adele (via Ellen), Swishy Chug is a smoothie made from "some type of beet and potato mixed together."