Jason Alexander made his face of one the most recognizable in the world with his portrayal of George Costanza, the petty, snide, immature New Yorker on Seinfeld based largely on petty, snide, immature New Yorker Larry David.

So the man's a great actor because it's shocking—no joke, shocking—to watch him prance around singing with gusto about the McDonald's DLT. You can barely detect the simmering hatred of George Costanza lurking beneath that jingling demeanor.

TIME calls the following 80s gem "one of the looniest, cheesiest, pranciest West Side Story-est ads ever." They also note Alexander's love of musical theater. That much is evident.


Did it kind of feel like he hated himself for doing that? Here is the entire transcript of the commercial, because it is a treasure:

Hey! You say you're getting tired of lettuce and tomato hamburgers in this town that don't quite make it? You say that just once you'd like a hamburger hot and your lettuce and tomato cool and crisp... *double finger guns* ... all at the same time?

Well I say... you got it! I'm talking McDonald's new lettuce and tomato hamburger! The McDLT!


I'm talking quarter pounder beef on the hot hot side/ The new McDLT/ Crisp lettuce and tomato on the cool cool side/ The new McDLT!/ The beef stays hot!/ The cool stays crisp!/ Put it together, you can't resist!/ The hottest taste! The coolest (???)/ It's a cool time! For the great taste!/ Of McDonald's!

Could be the best tasting lettuce and tomato hamburger... ever!


Compare that Jason Alexander to this one:


Thanks to baseball writer Rob Neyer for bringing the clip back to the internet's attention. He's right, if Larry David had just let Jason Alexander sing, who knows how successful Seinfeld could have been?


Here's to all the struggling actors who will one day be humiliated by their old work.